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Television Drama Credits

STRIKE BACK Left Bank Pictures Director: Michael J. Bassett
Series Producer: Bill Shephard
Producer: Nuala O’Leary
Producer: Lawrence Cochran
ILL BEHAVIOUR Fudge Park Productions Director: Steve Bendelack
Producer: Gill Isles
TINA & BOBBY ITV Studios Director: John McKay
Producer: Spencer Campbell
Starring: Michelle Keegan, Lorne MacFadyen, Patsy Kensit and David Bamber
OUR GIRL Series 2 BBC Drama Director: Jan Matthys
Producer: Eric Coulter
Starring: Michelle Keegan
MUM Big Talk Productions for BBC2 Director: Richard Laxton
Writer/Exec Producer: Stefan Golaszweski Producer: Lyndsay Robinson
Starring: Lesley Manville and Mark Williams
VERA Series 6 Hartswood Films for ITV1 Directors: Various
Producer: Letitia Knight
MUM Big Talk Productions for BBC2 Half hour comedy pilot
Director: Richard Laxton
Writer/Exec Producer: Stefan Golaszweski Producer: Lyndsay Robinson
Starring: Lesley Manville and Mark Williams
VERA Series 5 ITV Studios Director: Mark Losey
Producer: Margaret Mitchell

Feature Film Credits

NATIVITY 3 Mirrorball Films Limited Third installment of the improvised comedy based around a school nativity play
Director: Debbie Isitt,
Producer: Nick Jones
ELECTRICITY Electricity Film Productions LImited A Woman leaves her seaside hometown to search for her long-lost brother, experiencing hallucinations brought on by her epilepsy during the trip.
Starring: Agyness Deyn.
Director: Bryn Higgins
Producer: Clare Duggan
PLASTIC Plastic The Movie Limited Based on a true story about credit card fraud. 5 Brits get entangled up in a big international con to save their lives.
Director: Julian Gilbey
Producers: Dan Toland & Terry Stone
ALL STARS Flying Squad / Vertigo Films Captivating and humorous 3D street dance movie; a group of kids use their friendship and talent to save the day.
Starring: Ashley Jenson
Director: Ben Gregor
Producers: Jim Spencer.
THE SWEENEY Embargo Films / Vertigo Films Contemporary action movie based on the classic, cult, British TV series.
Starring: Ray Winstone and Plan B
Director: Nick Love
Producer: Chris Simons
STREETDANCE 2 3D Vertigo Films The sexy sequel to the successful STREETDANCE 3D. Shot on location in Berlin, London, Paris and Rome
Directors: Max and Dania
Producer: James Richardson
STREETDANCE 3D Vertigo Films Contemporary upbeat dance movie. The first British movie to be made entirely in 3D.
Directors: Max and Dania
Producer: James Richardson.
THE FIRM Warner Bros. / 1984 Films / Vertigo Films Remake of the 1987 film depicting the football terrace culture of the ear, set in a more glamorous 1984.
Director:Nick Love
Producer:Allan Niblo and James Richardson
THE CHILDREN Vertigo Films Horror film; a family’s Christmas gathering goes drastically wrong.
Writer/Director: Tom Shankland
Producer: James Richardson
Shot on location Warwickshire
FAINTHEART Slingshot Films / Film Four / Vertigo Films Romantic comedy feature film, set amongst the world of Viking re-enactors.
Director: Vito Rocco
Producer: Allan Niblo
Starring: Eddie Marsen and Ewan Bremner
THE HEAVY Heavy Productions Contemporary crime thriller based on sibling rivalry
Writer/Director: Marcus Warren
Starring: Vinnie Jones, Gary Stretch and Christopher Lee.
OUTLAW O Films / Pathe / 20th Century Fox / Vertigo Films Contemporary feature
Writer/Director: Nick Love
Producer: Allan Niblo
Starring: Sean Bean and Bob Hoskins. Shot on location in Gloucestershire.
THE BUSINESS Pathe / Vertigo Films / Content Films / Miramax Set on “The Costa del Crime” in the 1980’s
Writter/Director: Nick Love
Shot on location in Spain and the UK
BACK IN BUSINESS 21st Century Productions / New Light Films Comedy feature film
Director: Chris Munro
Produced by Neil Gardiner
Shot on location in London and at Pinewood Studios
BRADFORD RIOTS Oxford Film & TV / Channel 4 Controversial film for Channel 4 based around the real life race riots that took place in Bradford in 2001.
Shot on location in Liverpool

Television Entertainment Credits

(Series 1, 2 , 3 & 4)
Princess Productions / Shine / Sky1HD Live reality dance competition for SKY 1 HD, featuring talented dance acts from across the UK and Ireland
TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT (Series' 1 - 3) BBC Scotland All singing, all dancing Saturday night variety and entertainment show where dreams come true, hosted by John Barrowman
THE MAGICIANS Shine / BBC1 Series 1 of the magical spectacular for BBC 1. Featuring celebrities and top international magicians
ALL STAR FAMILY FORTUNES Talkback Thames / Freemantle 2011 series of the popular entertainment show for ITV 1, featuring celebrity guests and their families
TAKE ME OUT Talkback Thames / Freemantle Series 1 of the live reality dance competition for SKY 1, featuring talented dance acts from across the UK and Ireland
EUROVISION, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU BBC Entertainment The live Saturday night entertainment shows to determine the UK’s entry of Eurovision 2009
LAST CHOIR STANDING BBC Entertainment Live prime time Saturday night entertainment show, choirs from across the nation battle it out week after week to become the best and last choir standing
I’D DO ANYTHING BBC Entertainment Live prime time Saturday night entertainment show, the search of Nancy and Oliver to start in the West End Production of Oliver
DANCE X BBC Entertainment Saturday night primetime, live, contemporary dance and music competition to find the new dance group ‘Dance X'
CONSENT V Century Films / Channel 4 Movie, innovative drama documentary for Channel 4 based around acquaintance rape. Shot on location in London
JUST THE TWO OF US BBC Entertainment First series of the live entertainment series featuring international music artists paired up with celebrities in a singing contest
HOLY CROSS LA Productions / BBC Northern Ireland Film for the BBC Telling the true story of the riots involving a Catholic and a Protestant school in Belfast in 2001
FAMILY AFFAIRS Pearson Television (Various Double Banks)Daily Channel 5 soap based on the lives of families living in the fictitious London suburb ‘Charnham'
THE BIG BREAKFAST Planet 24 / Channel 4 Channel 4’s daily live breakfast show full of pop, fashion style and madness
SOLDIER SOLDIER Pearson Television (Various episodes)Daily Channel 5 soap based on the lives of families living in the fictitious London suburb ‘Charnham'

Styling Credits

BEVERLEY KNIGHT Hurrican Records Soul UK album, publicity shots and 2011 tour.
JOHN BARROWMAN Sony Entertainment Albums and related TV commercials and publicity.
BEVERLEY KNIGHT Hurrican Records ‘100%’ Album shots, 2010 tour and videos “Beautiful Night’ & ‘In Your Shoes’
WET WET WET Dry Records 
“Timeless” album cover and various publicity shots
BEVELEY KNIGHT EMI Records “No Mans Land” and “After You” videos, album and cover shots

Assistant Costume Designer / Supervisor Credits

FOOTBALLERS WIVES Shed Productions Series III and IV
BUGS Carnival Films Series I, III and IV
SOLDIER SOLDIER Carlton Productions Series IV, V and VI
CORONATION STREET Granada Television