Caroline Holder

Script Supervisor

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MARLEY'S GHOSTS Objective Productions Director: Jonathan Gershfield
Producer: James Dean
GUILT Lionsgate for Freeform US Director/Producer: Gary Felder
"Who Shot Simon Cowell"
Gallowgate Productions for ITV Director: Juliet May
THE A WORD Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Director: Peter Cattaneo
Producer: Marcus Wilson
FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN Imaginarium for Sky Director: Catherine Morshead
Producer: John Chapman
NO OFFENCE AbbottVision for Channel 4 Director: Catherine Morshead
Producer: Anna Ferguson, Simon Meyers
CALL THE MIDWIFE Neal Street Productions for BBC Directors: Thea Sharrock, China Moo-Young
Producer: Hugh Warren
DOWNTON ABBEY Carnival for ITV Directors: Philip John, Catherine Morshead
Producer: Rupert Ryle-Hodges
NEW TRICKS Wall to Wall for BBC Directors: Julian Simpson, Philip John, Matthew Evans
Producer: Tom Mullens
DOCTOR WHO BBC 8 episodes and the Christmas Special
Directors: Farren Blackburn, Julian Simpson, Jeremy Webb
Producers: Sanne Wohlenberg, Marcus Wilson
SURVIVORS BBC Directors: Jamie Payne, David Evans, Farren Blackburn
Producer: Hugh Warren
PRIMEVAL Impossible Pictures for ITV Director: Andrew Gunn
Producer: Paul Frift
CAPE WRATH Ecosse for Channel 4 Directors: Duane Clark, Andrew Gunn
Producer: Caroline Levy
FM ITV Comedy Director: Elliot Hegarty
Producer: Izzy Mant
THE BILL Talkback Thames Various directors including European co-production with SOKO Leipzig filming in London and Germany
WHERE THE HEART IS Granada Directors: Paul Walker, David Tucker
Producer: Ian Hopkins
WORST WITCH CITV Director: Andrew Gunn
Producer: Sue Austen
HEX Shine for Sky TV Director: Brian Grant
Producer: Julian Murphy
WIRE IN THE BLOOD Coastal Productions Director: Terry McDonough
Producer: Phil Leach
THE ROYAL Granada Yorkshire Directors: Judith Dine, Terry McDonough
Producer: Carol Wilks
IN DENIAL OF MURDER Hat Trick for BBC Director: David Richards
Producer: Mary McMurray
ROCKFACE BBC Directors: Terry Winsor, Suri Krishnamma
Producer: Neil Zeiger
Carlton Television Various Directors
Producers: Neil Zeiger, Phil Collinson, Tony Virgo
GRANGE HILL BBC Director: Dominic MacDonald
Producer: Josephine Ward
SCARLET PIMPERNEL BBC Television Production Secretary
Director: Patrick Lau, Ed Bennett
Producer: Julian Murphy

Good French and German language skills; working knowledge of Spanish.