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Feature Films

C4 Director: Anthony Philipson
BEEN SO LONG (2017) Greenacre Films Director: Tinge Krishnan
HOWL (2015) Starchild Pictures Additional Photography
Director: Paul Hyett
JACK TO KING (2014) YJB Director: Marc Evans
SVENGALI (2013) Root Films Director: John Hardwick
JUNKHEARTS (2011) Coded Pictures Director: Tinge Krishnan
TREACLE JR. (2010) Golden Rule Films Director: Jamie Thraves
FISH TANK (2009) BBC Films Additional Photography
Director: Andrea Arnold
BOY A (2007) Cuba Pictures Additional Photography
Director: John Crowley


THE FEED (2018) Studio Lambert Ltd Director: Tinge Krishnan
HALF TIME (2015)
Top Dog Productions Director: Nick Walker

Short Films

BAD DREAMS (2018) Kubi and Company Director: Stuart Fryer
HAFU (2018) The Works Productions Director: Elliot Barnes Worrell
THE WORKS (2016) The Works Productions Director: Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Lisa Osborne
RIOT CLUB (2016) Defunct Films Director: Scott Altman
IRONS IN THE FIRE (3D) (2014) Neon Aztec Director: Yoav Segal
MR TORQUAY'S HOLIDAY (2013) Fragrant Films Director: Aaron Trinder
SEXY TUESDAYS (2011) Wilder Director: Paul Gowers

Winner: 24 Hour Film Competition
THE RIDE (2011) Corner Table Productions Director: Marion Pilowsky

Winner Teluride


VEET (2018) Recipe Director: Mike O'Kelly
FULLERS FRONTIER (2018) Recipe Director: Markus Meedt
KAY JEWELLERS "Emmy" (2017) Bright Spark Director: Karen Lamond
CO-OP "Brighter Future" (2017) Buddy Director: Paul Gowers
SAVE THE CHILDREN (2016) HLA Director: Simon Ratigan
CO-OP (2016) Buddy Director: Paul Gowers
HONEYWELL (2016) Armoury Director: Jack Laurence
BBC IPLAYER (2016) Armoury Director: James Irwin
AVON "Morning Face" (2016) VCCP Director: Karen Lamond
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (2015) Kode Media Director: Jamie Thraves
AVON "Make Up Your Mind" (2015) VCCP Director: Karen Lamond
THOMSON HOLIDAYS (2015) Buddy Director: Paul Gowers
JD WILLIAMS (2014) Chief Productions Director: Karen Lamond
CRUK (2014) Buddy Director: Paul Gowers
JD WILLIAMS (2013) Chief Productions Director: Karen Lamond
NBA (2013) Buddy Director: Paul Gowers
CHANGING FACES (2012) Bare Films Director: Jim Weedon
NOKIA N8 (2012) Blink Director: David Wilson
NIKE T90 (2012) Factory Films Director: Jamies Thraves
DALLAGLIO Rugby Charity (2012) Stamp Director: Ian Pons Jewell
PARALYMPICS Opening Ceremony (2011) Christie HQ Director: Lou Birks
ITV NEWS (2010) ITV Creative Director: Neil Kenny
NEXT (2010) Tomboy Films Director: Beverley Fortnum
FA Ray Winstone (2010) Hotspur and Argyle Director: Theo Delaney
MAXFACTOR "Lipfinity" (2010) Love Films Director: Beverley Fortnum
CLARKS "Clark Sea" Thomas Thomas Director: Kevin Thomas
SHOOTING PEOPLE "Taxi Driver" Pulse Director: Johnny Hopkins
VEET One Small Step Director: Karen Lamond

Music Promos

DISHY TANGENT "Monster" Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
VILLAGERS "Everything I Am Is Yours" Kode Media Director: Jamie Thraves
SAM SMITH "Stay With Me" HSI Director: Jamie Thraves
NABIHA "Mind The gap" Director: Scott Altman
KATY B "Broken Record" Director: Jamie Thraves
GET PEOPLE "Macaw" Director: Ian Pons Jewell
FANFARLO "Fire Escape" HSI Director: Jamie Thraves
JAPANESE POP STARS "Song For Lisa" Director: Jamie Thraves
KASSIDY "Stray Cat" HSI Director: Doug Hart
JAKE BUGG "Two Fingers" HSI Director: Jamie Thraves
TINCHY STRYDER ft N-DUBZ "Number 1" Director: Emil nava
SKYE EDWARDS (Morcheeba) "I Believe" Director: Fatima
DIDO "It Comes + It Goes"