Julian Nagel

Production Designer
  • Julian’s understanding of story-telling and characters are the essential visual tools when it comes to screen interpretation.
  • With a keen interest in Literature, Language and History and a degree from Wimbledon School of Art, Julian aims to be truthful to any period and subject. He always strives for artistic excellence through thorough research and artistic exploration of the subjects.
  • He has a wide range of experience in TV and film as well as commercials, music videos, corporates and the occasional theatre design, which he loves.
  • Julian holds two passports, speaks three languages and is experienced working worldwide.

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ONCE LOVED Yalli Productions, Warner Brother's Television Production UK Director: Tony Dow
Producer: John Rushton
OUR GIRL, Series 3
BBC Drama Producer: Tim Whitby
BEEN SO LONG (2017) Greenacre Film Director: Tinge Krishnan
GAP YEAR (2016) Eleven Films Ltd Director: Jonathan van Tulleken, Natalie Bailey, Rebecca Rycroft
WHY IS THIS HAPPENING (2015) Me & You Productions Director: Jack Clough
THE CLOUD (Pilot, 2015) Delightful Industries Director: Graham Lineham
(Pilot, 2013)
Happy Tramp for BBC Director: Ben Palmer
BORN TO DANCE (2014) Me & You Productions Director: Richard Laxton
CUCKOO Series 2 (2014) Roughcut TV Director: Ben Taylor
CRIMS (2014) BBC Directors: Ben Kellett, Alex Winckler
COCKROACHES (2013) Big Talk Productions Director: Ben Taylor
THE REVENGERS (2013) C4 Pilot Directors: Harry & Jack Williams
(Pilot, 2012)
Company Pictures Director: Tom Marshall
CHICKENS (2013) Big Talk Productions Director: Ben Palmer
CUCKOO (2012) Roughcut TV Director: Ben Taylor
CARDINAL BURNS (2011) Left Bank Pictures Director: Ben Taylor
THE FUN POLICE pilot (2011) Roughcut TV Director: Tony Dow
ONE NIGHT IN EMERGENCY tv movie (2009) Silver River – BBC Director: Michael Offer

Selected Feature Films:

BLOOD MOON Plumcourt Ltd Director: Jeremy Wooding
DAY OF THE FLOWERS (as art director) Rogue Elephant Director: John Roberts
TORMENTED Forward – Slingshot – BBC Films Director: Jon Wright
JETSAM Skyman Films Director: Simon Welsford
MRS PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT Claremont Films Director: Dan Ireland
PURITAN (as art director) Parliament Films Director: Hadi Hajaig
BIRDS FROM HEAVEN (as art director) Autonomous Director: Eliane de Latour

Selected Commercials and Music Videos:

CREDIT SUISSE (Dubai) Bubbles Films (Germany) Director: Barney Cokeliss
DOVE FOR MEN RSA Director: Barney Cokeliss
ENTERPRISE Agile Films Director: Ben Whitehouse
ANTI-TALIBAN ADVERTS (Lebanon) Saatchi & Saatchi Director: Markus Nispel
AMY WINEHOUSE - VALERIE HSI Director: Robert Hales
AMY MACDONALD - THIS IS LIFE Love Director: Lindy Heymann
KATE NASH - KISS THAT GRRRL Warp Director: Daniel Brereton
CHIKINKI - ASSASSINATOR 13 Blink Director: Dougal Wilson