Rory Herbert

Script Supervisor

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2nd Unit Director

DA VINCI'S DEMONS Series 3 BBC Worldwide, Starz 6 Episodes, 2nd Unit
Producer: Matthew Bouch
YOU, ME AND THE APOCALYPSE, Series 1 Working Title 1 Episode, 2nd Unit
Producer: Nick Pitt

Script Supervisor

PENNYWORTH Warner Horizon Television Producer: Matthew Patnick
TOP BOY 3 Cowboy Films for Netflix Director: Nia DaCosta
Exec Producer: Alasdair Flind
THE FEED Studio Lambert Director: Carl Tibbetts
Series Producer: Simon Lewis
BLINDED BY THE LIGHT Bend It Films Director: Gurinder Chadha
Producers: Jane Barclay and Gurinder Chadha
LUTHER, Series 5 BBC One Director: Jamie Payne
Producer: Derek Ritchie
THE ALIENIST Anonymous Content Director: Jakob Verbruggen
RIVIERA Archery Pictures Director: Adrian Lester
Producer: Foz Allan
THE WHITE PRINCESS Company Pictures Director: Jamie Payne
Producers: Lachlan MacKinnon, Jamie Payne
COLD FEET Big Talk Productions Director: Jamie Jay Johnson
Producer: Rebecca Ferguson

Sid Gentle Films for ITV 3 Episodes
Director: Steve Barron
Producer: Chris Hall
YOU, ME AND THE APOCALYPSE, Series 1 Working Title 2 Episodes
Director: Saul Metzstein
Line Producer: Amanda Wilkie
JEKYLL & HYDE, Series 1 ITV Drama 5 Episodes
Directors: Colin Teague, Joss Agnew
Producer: Foz Allan
Line Producer: Emily Russell
DA VINCI'S DEMONS, Series 3 BBC Worldwide, Starz 4 Episodes
Directors: Alex Pillai, Colin Teague, Peter Hoar
Producer: Matthew Bouche
Line Producer: Phillipa Cole
BILL (Feature) Cowboy Films Director: Richard Bracewell
Producer: Alasdair Flind
Producer: Charles Steel
Co-­‐Producer: Alice Dawson
BLACK SEA (Feature) Cowboy Films Director: Kevin Macdonald
Producer: Charles Steel
Co Producer: Jane Robertson
THE PASSING BELLS Red Planet Pictures 5 Episodes
Director: Brendan Maher
Producer: Nick Pitt
LAW AND ORDER, UK, Series 8 Kudos Film & TV 2 Episodes
Director: Jill Robertson
Line Producer: Elizabeth Binns
Line Producer: Roopesh Parekh
THE MUSKETEERS, Series 1 BBC Drama 4 Episodes
Director: Saul Metzstein
Director: Richard Clark
Line Producer: Carmel Maloney
WHITECHAPEL, Series 4 Carnival Films 6 Episodes
Director: Jon East
Director: Daniel Nettheim
Line Producer: Sarah Dibsdall
DOCTOR WHO Series 7 BBC Drama 4 Episodes
Director: Douglas MacKinnon
Director: Mat King
Director: Farren Balckburn
Director: Saul Metzstein
Line Producer: Di Barton, Des Hughes
MERLIN, Series 5 Shine West (2nd Unit)
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Production Manager: Alexandra Kosevic
DA VINCI'S DEMONS Tonto Film and Television (2nd Unit)
Director: David S. Goyer
Director: Jamie Payne
Line Producer: Debbi Slater
ACCUSED, Series 2 RSJ Films 4 Episodes
Director: David Blair
Director: Ashley Pearce
Line Producer: Sue Dunn
LINE OF DUTY, Series 1 World Productions 2 Episodes
Director: David Caffery
Director: Douglas MacKinnon
Line Producer: Christine Healy
BERT AND DICKIE (TV Movie) BBC Drama Director: David Blair
Line Producer: Martin Coates
BEST LAID PLANS (Feature) Moli Up North Production Director: David Blair
Line Producer: Tina Pawlik
WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT (Feature) Kintop Pictures (2nd Unit & Main Unit Dailies)
Director: Pat Holden
Line Producer: Marshall Levitan
THE HOLDING (Feature) Manton Tor Ltd Director: Susan Jacobson
Producers: Alex Boden and George Mizen
JUNKHEARTS (Feature) Coded Pictures & Hustle Productions Director: Tinge Krishnan
Line Producer: Tina Pawlik
KANDAHAR BREAK (Feature) Millhouse Films Filmed in Pakistan and Tunisia
Writer/Director/Producer: David Whitney
EX CATHEDRA (Feature) Fire-Fly Productions 3rd AD
Writer/Director: Liam Andrew-Wright
Producer: Vicky Petela
25G's Honlodge Productions Producer/Director: Baldwin Li