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Charles Bates


Line Producer


Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

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Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

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Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

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Producer Credits
THE TOWER (2023)
Series 3
Mammoth Screen for ITV Director: Rene Pannevis
Exec/Writer: Patrick Harbinson
Exec: Damien Timmer
Episode 6
New Pictures Director: Caleb Femi
Line Producer Credits
THE FORSYTE SAGA (2024) Mammoth Screen for PBS Director: Meenu Gaur
Producer: Sarah Lewis
THIS TOWN (2023) Kudos for BBC Director: Paul Whittington
Producer: Tim Whitby
CHAMPION (2022) New PIctures Directors: John Ogunmuyiwa, Adeyemi Michael, Caleb Femi, Christine Ebohon Green
Producers: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, Danielle Scott-Haughton
NEWARK NEWARK (2021/22) Balloon Entertainment for UKTV Director: Amanda Blue
Producer: Kenneth Tanner
BETTER THINGS, Series 5 - UK Shoot (2021) Minim UK Productions for Disney FX Writer/Director: Pamela Adlon
Producer: Cahal Bannon
THE TOWER (2021) Mammoth Screen Ltd Director: Jim Loach
Producer: Paul Testar
FINDING ALICE (2019/20) Red Production Company Producer: Margot Gavan Duffy
Director: Roger Goldby
POLDARK (2018)
Series 5
Mammoth Screen Ltd Producer: Michael Ray
Director: Sallie Aprahamian
THE ABC MURDERS (2018) Mammoth Screen Ltd Producer: Farah Abushwesha
Director: Alex Gabassi
POLDARK (2017)
Series 4
Mammoth Screen Ltd Producer: Michael Ray
Director: Joss Agnew
GEORGE GENTLY (2016/17) Company Pictures Producer: Dominic Barlow
Director: Bryn Higgins, Robert Del Maestro
PERIPHERAL (2016) Ascension Productions Producers: Bill Kenwright, Craig Tuohy
Director: Paul Hyett
THE TRIAL (2016) Dragonfly Film & TV Productions for Channel 4 (PRE PREP)
Exec Producers: Kath Mattock, Jon Smith
Producers: Hamish Ferguson, Andy Litvin
Director: Nick Holt
THE DUMPING GROUND (2015) CBBC Exec Producer: Lucy Martin
Producer: Phil Leach
Directors: Sallie Aprahamian, Sarah Walker, Duncan Foster, Noreen Kershaw
THE WATCHER/THE LAST TRACE (2015) UFA Fiction Ltd for UFA Fiction GmbH TV Features
Exec Producer: Dirk Ehmen
Producer: Verena Monssen
Director: Andreas Hertzog
LE GRAND JEU (2015) Bizibi/CB Productions Producer: Emmanuel Agberay
Line Producer: Sebastien Autre
Director: Nicolas Pariser
MOTHERLAND (2015) Chrystal Abyss Short Film
Producer: Dominic Barlow
Director: Jason Hreno
HAMLET (2014) Hamlet The Film Ltd for MJW Productions/Genesis Pictures Feature
Producers: Anne Beresford, Debbie Gray
Director: Margaret Williams

*Nominated: Best TV Drama, Children's BAFTA 2015*
CBBC Exec Producer: Lis Steele
Producer: Phil Leach
Directors: Rob Bangura, Nigel Douglas, Matthew Evans, Sallie Aprahamian
EDIT (2014) Short Film
Producer: Katie Nicoll
Directors: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard
Writer: Martin McCardie

*Winner: Best TV Drama, BAFTA Scotland 2015 *
*Winner: Best Original Programme, Broadcast Awards, 2015*
Minnow Films for BBC Scotland/BBC Three TV Drama
Exec Producer: Colin Barr
Producer: Kate Cook
Director: Brian Welsh
Writer: Jo Barton
ALTAR (2014) Pygmalion Productions/Great Point Media Feature Film
Exec Producers: Robert Halmi Snr, Robert Halmi Jnr, Jim Reeve, Fergus Haycock
Producer: Michele Camarda
Director: Nick Willing
WHITE SETTLERS (2013) White Settlers Ltd Feature Film
Producer: Rachel Richardson-Jones
Directors: Simeon Halligan
Writer: Ian Fenton
THE CRASH (2012) Darlow Smithson Productions for BBC Three/BBC2 Learning TV Drama
Exec Producer: Dominic Barlow
Producer: Nick Pitt
Director: Sarah Walker
Writer: Terry Cafolla
PRIVATES (2011-2012) Twenty Twenty Productions for BBC1 TV Drama
Exec Producer: Dominic Barlow
Producer: Nick Pitt
Directors: Bryn Higgins
Writer: Damian Wayling
Production Accountant Credits
Series 3
Shed Media Scotland/Twenty Twenty Productions for BBC1 TV Drama
Series 2
Shed Media Scotland/Twenty Twenty Productions for BBC1 TV Drama

RTS Award-Winning Drama
Nominated for a Scottish BAFTA 2011
TYRANNOSAUR (2010) Warp X / Inflammable Productions Feature Film

BAFTA Nominated Independent Film
THE SCANDALOUS DIARIES OF ANNE LISTER (2009) Oxford Film & Television for BBC2 TV Film
RE-UNITING THE RUBINS (2009) Factor Films/Balagan Productions Feature Film

As Financial Controller
TRINITY (2008) Roughcut Television for ITV TV Drama
WHATEVER IT TAKES (2008) Twenty Twenty Productions for ITV TV Drama
LEWIS II (2007) ITV Productions TV Drama
HOW TO BE (2007) How To Films Independent Film
LEWIS (2006) ITV Productions TV Drama
TRIPPING OVER (2006) FIVE / Corner Store Films TV Drama

Further Production Accountant Credits

1999-2005: -

"MOST MYSTERIOUS MURDERS" (TV Drama) - Touchpaper Television/RDF/BBC

"MESSIAH III" (TV Drama) - Messiah Three Films/BBC Northern Ireland

"FROZEN" (Feature Film) - Liminal Films

"IT'S ALL GONE PETE TONG" (Feature Film) - Sunshine Movies

"UNDERBELLY" (Feature Film) - Underbelly Productions


"SEARCH" (BBC Worldwide Drama Project)

"THE GENTLEMAN THIEF" (Drama Series Pilot)

"RENFORD REJECTS" (TV Comedy/Drama) - Renford Rejects Productions/Helion Pictures/Nickelodeon

"SHOOTERS" (Feature Film) - Cool beans Films (UK)/Catapult Productions (NL)