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Daniel Audritt



Julia Mills
Lead Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5284


Daniel Audritt is a comedy writer/director and the co-creator of Comedy Central sketch series, MODERN HORROR STORIES, which was nominated for Debut Writer in the 2020 EdTV Fest New Voice Awards.

He co-wrote and directed the multi LOVIE award winning COMIC RELIEF ORIGINALS series, which included ‘STEPHEN HAWKING’S NEW VOICE’, viral hit sketch ‘A MODERN DATING HORROR STORY’ which amassed over 250 million views worldwide and co-wrote the 2020 STRANGER THINGS sketch for Sport Relief UK/USA (Netflix/BBC One). 

He co-wrote series 3 of the Radio 4 sitcom ABILITY with Britain's Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy and has also written two 30 minute episodes of young adult comedy dramas ALMOST NEVER (CBBC) and FLATMATES (BBC iPlayer). 

He’s written for numerous TV and radio shows including TAKESHI’S CASTLE (Comedy Central), THE TEZ O CLOCK SHOW (Channel 4), 8 OUT OF 10 CATS (Channel 4), DEAD RINGERS (Radio 4), NEWSQUIZ (Radio 4), MOCK THE WEEK (BBC Two), PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR (Radio 4) GODS OF THE GAME (Comedy Central), FAMALAM (BBC iPlayer) and MUZLAMIC (BBC iPlayer).

Along with his writing partner Kat Butterfield, he's currently working on original projects with a number of production companies and has a comedy series in development with a major international streamer.