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Hayden Matthews

Production Designer


Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292

Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

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Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

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Production Designer Credits
BERGERAC BlackLight TV April - October 2024
Director: Colm McCarthy
Producers: Philip Trethowen & Ben Bickerton
THE JETTY Small Pier Productions July - December 2023
Director: Marialy Rivas
Producer: Natasha Romaniuk
Series 2
Urban Myth Films July 2022 - March 2023
Directors: Carl Tibbetts, Pier Wilkie
Producer: Ben Greenacre
FLATSHARE Paramount+ November 2021 - May 2022
Directors: Pete Cattaneo
Producer: Rhonda Smith
Series 1 & 2
Big Talk Productions Ltd December 2019 - November 2021
Directors: Stephen Merchant, John Butler, Alicia MacDonald
Producers: Nickie Sault, Fran Du Pille
Series 9
Big Talk Productions Ltd July - December 2019
Directors: Fiona Walton, Chris Foggin, Andrew Cumming
Producer: Jim Poyser
Series 2
Severn Screen Ltd November 2018 - May 2019
Directors: Gareth Bryn , Chris Forster
Producer: Hannah Thomas
STICKS & STONES ITV Tall Story Pictures July - October 2018
Director: Julia Ford
Producer: Colin Wratten
Series 8
Big Talk Productions Ltd January - June 2018
Producer: Margaret Conway
Series 3
Kudos Film & Television Ltd July 2017 - February 2018
Producer: Vicky Delow
Director: Jill Robertson
Series 7
Big Talk Productions January - June 2017
Producer: Vicky Wharton
Director: Terry McDonough
ILL BEHAVIOUR Fudge Park Films September - December 2016
Producer: Gill Isles
Director: Steve Bendelack
Series 2
BBC Drama January - August 2016
Producer: Eric Coulter
Series 1
Tiger Aspect Productions January - July 2015
Producers: Will Gould, Iona Vrolyk, Trevor Hopkins
Directors: Bill Eagles, Kieron Hawkes, Nick Rowland, Anthony Philipson
Series 4
Left Bank Pictures for ITV September - December 2014
Producers: Radford Neville, Menzies Kennedy
Directors: David Richards, Craig Pickles, Kenny Glenaan
Series 1
BBC December 2013 - June 2014
Film in South Africa & UK
Producers: Ken Horn, Caro Skinner
Directors: Anthony Philipson, Richard Senior
Series 3
Left Bank Pictures for ITV May - November 2013
Producers: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd, Gabriel Silver
Directors: Bill Eagles, Ed Bazalgette, Stephen Woolfenden
LIFE OF CRIME Ecosse Films for ITV September - December 2012
3 Part Period Drama
Producers: Michael Parke, Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Director: Jim Loach
Series 1
Running Bare Pictures for Channel 4 July - September 2012
Comedy Drama Series
Producers: Jack Bayles, Philip Edgar Jones
Director: Kieron Hawkes
Series 2
Left Bank Pictures for ITV February - June 2012
Producers: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd, Charles Elton
Directors: Tim Fywell, Jim Loach, Mat King
CHRISTMAS CRACKERS Tiger Aspect Productions for Sky. September - November 2011
Christmas Short Stories
Producers: Gill Isles, Lindsay Hughes
Directors: Jonny Vegas, John Bishop
Series 1
E4 May - November 2010
Producers: Matt Strevens, John Griffin
Directors: Jack Clough, Amanda Boyle, Dominic Leclerc
CASUALTY 1909 Stone City Films for BBC September - March 2009
Period Drama Series
Producers: Bryn Higgins, Clare Duggan
Directors: Bryn Higgins, Mark Brozel
Series 4
E4 April - November 2009
Producers: John Griffin, Bryan Elsley
Directors: Philippa Langdale, Esther May Campbell, Daniel O'Hara
CASUALTY 1907 Stone City Films for BBC July - September 2007
Period Drama Series for BBC
Producers: Bryn Higgins, Clare Duggan
Director: Bryn Higgins
Episode 5 & 6
Granada Television February - March 2006
Jimmy McGovern's Stories of Working Class Life
Producers: Sita Williams, Ken Horn, Andy Harries
Director: David Blair
Art Director Credits
39 STEPS BBC July - August 08
BBC Adaptation of John Buchan Novel
Designer: Pat Campbell
Director: James Hawes
CLASH OF THE SANTAS ITV Productions March - June 08
Christmas Family Drama
Designer: Margaret Coombes
Director: Paul Seed
EINSTEIN & EDDINGTON Company Television Productions for BBC March - June 07
Period Drama shot in UK, Croatia and Hungary
Designer: Claire Kenny
Director: Philip Martin
BRITZ Channel 4 September 06 - February 07
Film following Muslim siblings growing up in the UK
Designer: Pat Campbell
Director: Peter Kosminsky
THE STREET Granada Televsion August 05 - January 06
Jimmy McGovern's stories of working class life
Designer: Pat Campbell
Director: David Blair, Terry McDonough
Series 1 & 2
Clerkenwell Films for ITV September 05 - August 06
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Maurice Phillips, Charles Beeson, Martyn Friend
Series 1 & 2
Granada Television April 03 - September 04
Science Drama starring Tom Conti
Designer: Margaret Coombes
Director: Simon Delaney, Kerain Donally, Brian Kirk
Series 3 & 4
BBC September 02 -April 03
Popular Police Cold Case Drama
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Andy Hay, Suri Krishnamma, David Thacker, Ben Bolt
SONS & LOVERS Company Pictures for ITV May - June 02
Two Part Drama
Designer: Tim Hutchinson
Director: Stephen Whittaker
WITHOUT MOTIVE Alibi Pictures April - August 01
Six Part Detective Drama
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Ferdinand Fairfax, Delyth Thomas
NOW YOU SEE HER Red Productions Company December 00 - February 01
Action Drama Set in the Modern Art World
Designer: Taff Batley
Director: Lance Kneeshaw
Series 1
Tiger Aspect Productions July - December 00
C4 Series Starring Andrew Lincoln as a Bristol Teacher
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Richard Dale, Jeremy Lovering, Sally Aprehamian
LITTLE BIRD Granada Television January - March 00
Two Part ITV Drama Film in UK & France
Designer: Taff Batley
Director: Aisling Walsh
FORGIVE AND FORGET Scottish Television Enterprises April - June 99
Film Previewed at the National Film & TV Festival
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Aisling Walsh
TRIAL BY FIRE East Wind Films for ITV January - April 99
Drama Starring Juliet Stevenson
Designer: Tim Hutchinson
Director: Patrick Lau
THE ORCHARD WALLS Blue Heaven Productions June - July 97
Ruth Rendell Story of Country Life in 1941
Designer: Tim Hutchinson
Director: Gwennan Sage
2 Series & Special
Red Rooster Film & Television Various Dates from 96 - 98
Jack Shepard as a Cornish Detective
Designer: Andrew Purcell
Director: Various
A RELATIVE STRANGER BBC Wales March - August 95
Film Starring Jason Isaacs Who Looses 20 Years of Memory
Designer: Venita Gribble
Director: Endaff Emlyn
TENDER LOVING CARE BRI Video January - August 93
Black Comedy Set in a Hospital Ward
Designer: Venita Gribble
Director: Dewi Humphreys