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Louise Allen

Costume Designer


Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292

Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292

Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292


Television Credits
LOCKERBIE (2024) World Productions for BBC1/Netflix Assistant Costume Designer

Director:Michael Keillor
Producer: Julia Stannard
MIDNIGHT SISTER (2023) Moonchild Films Director: Karan Kandhari
Producer: Al Clark
TRIGGER POINT, Series 2 (2023) HTM Ltd Director: Mark Redhead
Producer: Jon East
LOSS & RETURN (2022) Hattrick Productions Director: Jennie Darnell
Producer: Eric Coulter
SHETLAND, Series 7 (2021) BBC Producer: Louise Say
DEATH TO 2020 (2020) Broke and Bones Director: Al Campbell
CODE 404, Series 2 (2020) Kudos Film & Television Ltd/Water & Power for Sky 1 Director: Al Campbell
Producer: Charlotte Surtees
SHETLAND, Series 6 (2020) BBC Producer: Louise Say
TWO WEEKS TO LIVE (2019) Kudos for Sky Director: Al Campbell
Producer: Charlotte Surtees
THE A WORD, Series 3 (2019) Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC 1 Director: Fergus O’Brien
Producer: Clare Shepherd
CODE 404 (2019) Kudos for Sky Director: Al Campbell
Producer: Charlotte Surtees
SHETLAND, Series 5 (2018) BBC Director: Gordon Anderson
Producer: Eric Coulter
CODE 404, Pilot (2018) Kudos for Sky Producer: Tom Miller
GRANDPA'S GREAT ESCAPE (2017) King Bert Productions Director: Elliot Heggarty
Producer: Charlie Leech
SHETLAND, Series 4 (2017) BBC Producer: Eric Coulter
THE WIFE (2016) Tempo Productions Limited Costume Supervisor
Producer: Piers Tempest
NO OFFENCE, Series 2 (2016) Abbott Vision Producer: Simon Meyers
ONE OF US (2015) BBC Producer: Colin Wratten
SHETLAND, Series 3 (2015) BBC / ITV Producer: Eric Coulter
STRIKE BACK, Series 5 (2015) HBO / Leftbank Pictures Producer: Michael Casey
SHETLAND, Series 2 (2014) BBC / ITV Producer: Peter Gallagher
RUBANESQUE (2013) Sky / Kudos Director: Annie Griffin, Producer: Jemma Rodgers
STRIKE BACK Series 3 & 4 (2012 - 2013) HBO / Left Bank Pictures Buyer UK

Costume Designer: Kate Carin
CASE HISTORIES (2011) Ruby Films Producer: Alison Owen
PRAMFACE (2012-2013) BBC Director: Dan Zeff
PA'S (2009) 2am Producer Gillian McNeill
STILL GAME (2007) BBC Scotland Director: Michael Hines
Producers: Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill

Director: Cilla Ware
Costume Designer: Kate Carin
RIVER CITY (2003-2005) BBC Scotland Producer: Sandra McIver
HAPPY HOLIDAYS (2009) BBC Scotland Director: Douglas MacKinnon
Producer: Ford kiernan
CHEWING THE FAT (2010) BBC Scotland Director: Michael Hines
Film Credits
FALLING INTO PLACE (2022) Falling Into Place Ltd Director: Aylin Tezel
Producer: John McKay
THE WIFE (2017) Silver Reel Costume Supervisor

Director: Björn Runge
Producer: Jo Bamford & Piers Tempest
NOT ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING (2013) Synchronicity Films Director: John McKay
Producers: Claire Mundell, Wendy Griffin
DECOY BRIDE (2012) Ecosse Films Director: Sheree Folkson
Producer: Paul Ritchie
HUNGER (2008) Blast Films / Channel 4 Assistant Costume Designer


Producer: Robin Gutch, Laura Hastings-Smith Director: Steve McQueen
Costume Designer: Anushia Nieradzik
HEAVEN AND EARTH (2012) Focus Films Assistant Costume Designer

Director: Marleen Gorris
Costume Designer: Kate Carin
YOUR HIGHNESS (2011) Universal Pictures Costume Design Assistant

Producer: Scott Stuber
Director: David Gordon Green
Costume Designer: Hazel Webb Crozier
WORLD WAR Z (2013) Universal Pictures Costume Supervisor, Scotland

Producers: Ian Bryce, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Brad Pitt
Director: Marc Forster
Costume Designer: Mayes C Rubeo
NINA'S HEAVENLY DELIGHTS (2006) Kali Films Costume Designer

Director: Pratibha Parmar
Producers: Chris Atkins, Pratibha Parmar, Marion Pilowsky
SKAGGERAK (2003) Nimbus Films Costume Supervisor

Producer: Bo Ehrhardt, Lars Bredo Rahbek
Director: Soren Kragh-Jacobson
Costume Designer: Kate Carin