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Nicholas Masters-Waage




Nick is a graduate of Drama Centre, Edinburgh University, and the University of Manchester where he got his PhD in Nuclear Chemistry. Despite being really smart, Nick has decided to become a writer. Nick has written plays and sketch comedy for the stage, and his debut short film as a writer/director, GRAVY, BABY is about to be released. He also works as a narrative designer at Born Studios and has written extensively in VR with Avris Productions. His script, WILL, was longlisted by BBC Writersroom, his co-written sitcom, GUTS, was shortlisted for BBC Comedy Room, and his pilot KING, QUEEN, WATERMELON was shortlisted for Rocliffe Bafta TV drama. He also has notable improv training, including time with The Free Association, UCB New York, and four years with The Improverts in Edinburgh. Nick’s currently working on a spy drama, a play about evolution, and a new sitcom, and will soon join the BBC Writersroom digital programme.