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Paul Booth, BFDG

Production Designer


Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292

Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292

Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

+44 (0) 20 7632 5292


Series 28
BBC Production Designer
Series Producer: Sean Gleeson
Series 27
BBC Production Designer
Producer: Jayne Chard
Series 12
ITV Studios Production Designer
Producer: Debbie Shewell
CODE 404
Series 3
Kudos Television Production Designer
Director: Al Campbell
Exec: Tom Mille
Series 11, Episodes 3-6
ITV Studios Production Designer
Director: Paul Gay
Producer: Will Nicholson
"Agatha and The Curse of Ishtar (W/T)"
"Agatha and the Murder of X (W/T)"
Darlow Smithson Productions for Channel 5 Production Designer (Films 1 & 2)
Directors: Sam Yates & Joe Stephenson
Producer: Carol Harding
Season 33, Episodes 36 & 37
BBC Production Designer
Director: Eric Styles
Producer: Kirsty Lane
THE WINDRUSH CHRONICLES Endemol Shine UK for BBC4 Production Designer
Directors: Tinge Krishnan, Destiny Ekaragha, Christiana Ebohon-Green & Dionne Edwards
Producer: Carol Harding
MIDSOMER MURDERS XIV to XXII Bentley Productions Production Designer
Directors: Matt Carter, Paul Harrison, Toby Frow, Audrey Cooke, Nicholas Laughland, Alex Pillai, Renny Rye, Rob Evens, Steve Hughs, Charles Palmer, Luke Watson, Simon Langton & Andy Haye
Producers: Michele Buck, Jonathon Fisher, Guy Hescott, Jo Wright, Ella Kelly, Phil Hunter, Louise Sutton, Brian True-May, Ian Strachan & Carol Ann Docherty
THE DOORS Eigerwand Media Production Designer
Director: Adrian Vitoria
Producer: Toby Richards
EASTENDERS BBC Production Designer
Directors Various Inc: Jamie Annett, Waris Islam, Kate Saxon, Neil Alderton, Richard Lynne, Rebecca Gatward, Daniel Wilson & Dave Moore
Producers: John Yorke, Sean O'Connor, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Alison Davis & Sharon Batten
MIDSOMER MURDERS VI to XIII Bentley Productions Supervising Art Director
Directors: Various
Producers: Brian True-May & Ian Strachan
ULTIMATE FORCE II & III Bentley Productions Supervising Art Director
Directors Various Inc: Richard Holthouse, Mark Roper, Tim Leandro & Jeremy Webb
Producer: Brian True-May & Ian Strachan
MURPHY'S LAW Tiger Aspect Productions Art Director
Director: Peter Lydon
Producer: Sanne Wohlenberg & Claudine Sturdy
BAIT Bait Films Ltd Art Director
Director: Nicholas Renton
Producers: Dave Edwards & David Manson
POIROT Carnival Films Art Director
Directors: Tom Clegg & Brian Farnham
Producers: Brian Eastman & Simon Crawford Collins
Director: Tom Clegg
Producers: Peter Norris & Graeme MacArthur
LLOYD & HILL Carlton TV Art Director
Director: Philippa Langdale
Producers: Lars MacFarlane & Charles Hubbard
LUKY JIM Working Title TV Supervising Art Director
Director: Robin Shepperd
Producer: Sanne Wohlenberg & Claudine Sturdy
THE GLASS Granada TV Supervising Art Director
Director: Philippa Langdale, Patrick Lau & Nicholas Laughland
Producers: Tom Grieves & Charles Hubbard
SECOND SIGHT Twenty Twenty TV Supervising Art Director
Directos: Edward Bennett, Jonas Grimas & Maurice Philips
Director: David Richards
Producer: Joshua St Johnston
10th KINGDOM Carnival Films Art Director
Directors: David Carson & Herbert Wise
Producers: Brian Eastman, Simon Moore, Jane Prowse & Ted Morley
HARBOUR LIGHTS BBC/Valentine Productions Supervising Art Director
Directors: Keith Boak, Gary Love & Terry Bedford
Producer: Steve Lanning
BUGS IV Carnival Films Art Director
Directors: Gwennan Sage, Brian Grant & Christopher King
Producer: Brian Eastman
RUTH RENDELLS Blue Heaven Productions Art Director
Directors: Matthews Evans, Bruce MacDonald & Gwennan Sage
Producers: Graham Benson, Neil Zeiger & Peter Hider
THE FINAL PASSAGE Final Passage Films Art Director
Director: Sir Peter Hall
Producer: Chris Hall
SOLDIER SOLDIER IV to VII Central TV St/By Art Director
Directors Various Inc: Graham Moore, Christopher King, Crispin Reece, Roger Tucker, Patrick Lau, Catherine Morshead, Douglas Mackinnon, Bruce MacDonald, Ken Hannam, Geoff Harris & Alan Grint
Producers: Annie Tricklebank & Helen Flint
THE QUEEN'S NOSE Film & General Productions St/By Art Director
Director: Carol Wiseman
Producers: Davina Belling & Clive Parsons
PIE IN THE SKY II BBC/SelecTV St/By Art Director
Directors: Danny Hiller & Lawrence Fordon Clark
Producers: Chrissy Skinns & Ken Baker
CLOSING NUMBERS Arden Films Channel 4 St/By Art Director
Director: Stephen Whittaker
Producer: Jennifer Howarth
YOU ME & IT BBC St/By Art Director
Director: Edward Bennett
Producers: Alex Graham & Kevan Van Thompson
THE HAUNTING Triple S Films Production Designer
Director: David Holroyd
Producers: Matthew Stradling & Crispin Manson
NARCOPOLIS TSquared Films Production Designer
Director: Justin Trefgarne
Producers: Elliot Cowan & Antony Smith
SEA'S OUT Red Balloon Films Production Designer
Director: Jake White
Producer: Sean Griffin
X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 20th Century Fox Senior Art Director
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Producers: Bryan Singer & Tarquin Pack
THE KID Tin House Films Supervising Art Director
Director: Nick Moran
Producers: Judith Hunt & Kevin Lewis
MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION New Line Cinema Art Director/Set Decorator
Director: John R. Leonetti
Producer: Lawrence Kasanoff