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William Blunden



Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

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Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

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Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

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THE TOWER (2023)
Series 3, Episodes 1 & 3
Mammoth Screen Director: Rene Van Pannevis
Producer: Charles Bates
Series 1, Episodes 2, 4 & 6
ITV/Quay Street Productions Director: Azhur Saleem
Producer: Juliet Charlesworth
SCREW (2023)
Series 2, Block 2
STV Drama Director: Rebecca Rycroft
Producer: Nick Lambon
THE TOWER (2022)
Series 2, Episodes 1 & 3
Mammoth Screen Director: Faye Gilbert
Producer: Andy Mosse
Series 2, Episode 5
BBC/NBC Universal Director: Philippa Langdale
Producer: Kristian Dench
THEN YOU RUN (2021-22)
Block 3
Kudos Film & Television Director: Paul Walker
Producer: Derek Ritchie
Episodes 3, 4, 5 & 6
Rising Voices Ltd for Sky Director: Paul Walker
Exec: Julian Stevens
Episodes 106 & 108
Darrall McQueen for Apple TV Directors: Jack Jameson & Matt Rene
Execs: Maddy Darrall & Billy Macqueen
Producer: Lily Brooks & Matt Rene
Series 1
Archery Pictures for SkyAtlantic Producers: Kris Thykier and Foz Allan
TALKBACK COMEDY SHOW (2018) Freemantle Media Limited Director: Paul M Taylor
THE ROYALS (2016-17)
Series 3 & 4
Lionsgate Directors: James Lafferty, Clark Mathis and Erica Dunton
HETTY FEATHER (2015) BBC Director: Paul Walker
DONALD MOHAMMED TRUMP (2016) Cliff Edge Pictures (Short)
Director: Darragh Mortell
MARY (2015) (Short)
Director: Susan Walsh
PEEP DISH (2014) (Short)
Director: Darragh Mortell
THE AFTERMATH (2017) Scott Free (Feature Film)
Director: James Kent
DENIAL (2016) BBC Films (Feature Film)
Director: Mick Jackson
UNA (2016) Bron Creative (Feature Film)
Director: Benedict Andrews
GENIUS (2016) Desert Wolf Productions (Feature Film)
Director: Michael Grandage
SALTING THE BATTLEFIELD (2014) Carnival Film & Television (Television)
Director: David Hare
TURKS & CAICOS (2014) Carnival Film & Television (Television)
Director: David Hare
HARRIET'S ARMY (2014) CBBC (Television)
Director: Stewart Svaasand
ELSA & FRED (2014) Cuatro Plus Films (Feature Film)
Director: Michael Radford
DEMENTAMANIA (2013) GSP Studios (Feature Film)
Director: Kit Ryan
U WANT ME 2 KILL HIM? (2013) Tribeca Film (Feature Film)
Director: Andrew Douglas
Series 2
BBC (Television)
Director: Matthew Evans
BLANDINGS (2012) Mammoth Screen (Television)
Director: Paul Seed
I, ANNA (2012) Embargo Films (Feature Film)
Director: Barnaby Southcombe
SHANGHAI (2010) Living Films (Feature Film)
Director: Mikael Håfström
JACKBOOTS ON WHITEHALL (2010) E-Motion (Feature Film)
Directors: Edward McHenry and Rory McHenry
MAIN STREET (2010) 1984 Private Defense Contractors (Feature Film)
Director: John Doyle
WHITE LIGHTNIN' (2009) Film and Music Entertainment (Feature Film)
Director: Dominic Murphy
KILLSHOT (2008) The Weinstein Company (Feature Film)
Director: John Madden
THE LAST LEGION (2007) Dino De Laurentiis Company (Feature Film)
Director: Doug Lefler
DERAILED (2005) Di Bonaventura Pictures (Feature Film)
Director: Mikael Håfström