Andy Holden-Stokes

Production Designer

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SILENT WITNESS 25 BBC 1 Production Designer
Producer: Nick Lambon
MADAME BLANC Clapperboard Studios/Ch 5 Production Designer
Co-Executive Producer
Exec Producer: Mike Benson
THE SEARCH UFA Fiction Ltd Production Designer
Director: Till Franzen
Producers: Oliver Ossege, Benjamin Benedict
THE OTHER ONE Tiger Aspect Productions Production Designer
Director: Mark Nunneley
Producer: Rebecca Davies
COLD CALL Chalkboard TV for Channel 5 Production Designer
Director: Gareth Tunley
Producer: Rebecca Davies
CREEPED OUT 2 CBBC/DHX Media for BBC/Netflix Production Designer
Directors: Gareth Tunley, Simon Hynd, Lucy Campbell
Producer: Rebecca Davies

**BAFTA Children's Winner 2019 - Best Drama
OVERSHADOWED Rollem Productions for BBC Production Designer
Director: Hildegard Ryan
Producer: Sian Palfrey
CLASS Grafton House Productions for BBC Production Designer
Directors: Edward Bazalgette, Philippa Langdale, Wayne Yip, Julian Holmes
Producer: Derek Ritchie
IN THE CLUB, Series 1 & 2 Rollem Productions for BBC Production Designer
Directors: Jane Prowse, Kay Mellor, Sarah O'Gorman, Neasa Hardiman, Audrey Cooke
Producer: Rebecca Davies
THE SYNDICATE III Rollem Productions for BBC Production Designer
Directors: Kay Mellor, Dominic Leclerc
Producer: Yvonne Francas
VICTORIA, Series 2
Mammoth Screen Ltd Supervising Art Director
Directors: Lisa James Larsson, Geoffrey Sax, Jim Loach, Daniel O'Hara
Producer: Paul Frift
STELLA, Series 5 Eps 1+2 Tidy Productions for Sky 1 Art Director
Director: Simon Delaney
Producer: Spencer Campbell
DEATH IN PARADISE, Series 2 Red Planet Pictures for BBC Art Director
Directors: Keith Boak, David O'Neill, Alrick Riley
Producer: Tim Key
HIT & MISS, Series 1 Ep 1 Red Productions Supervising Art Director
Director: Hettie Macdonald
Producer: Juliet Charlesworth
DCI BANKS, Series 1 Eps 5 + 6 Left Bank Pictures Art Director
Director: Bill Anderson
Producer: Stephen Smallwood
THE DAMNED UNITED Columbia Pictures Corporation Supervising Art Director
Director: Tom Hooper
Producer: Andy Harries
LOST IN AUSTEN, Series 1 Mammoth Screen Art Director
Director: Dan Zeff
Producer: Kate McKerrell