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Production Designer

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Feature Film and TV Credits as Production Designer

BECAUSE THE NIGHT Euston Films Director: Niall McCormick
Producer: Jonathan Curling
BARBARIANS New Scope Films Director: Charles Dorfman
Producer: Laurie Cook
SHEPHERD Tract Creative Limited Russell Owen
Producer: Helen L Alexander
THE BANISHING WestEnd Films Director: Christopher Smith
Producers: Laurie Cook, Jason Newmark
CATASTROPHE 4 Avalon Television Ltd Director: Ben Taylor
Producer: Toby Welch
SONNY LISTON Raw TV Director: Simon George
Line Producer: Sandra Shuttleworth
SAFE Red Production Company/ Netflix Director: Daniel Nettheim
Producer: Michaela Ferreday
ALL THE DEVIL'S MEN (2017) Graceaway Films Director: Matthew Hope
Producers: Amory Leader, Hannah Leader
ORIGINS (2016) National Geographic Directors: Celso R. García, Simon George, Niall MacCormick
Exec Producer: Simon George
EDIE (2016) Cape Wrath Films Limited Producer: Mark Stothert
Director: Simon Hunter
THE JOURNEY (2015) Human Films Producer: Isabelle Jayne Stead
Director: Mohamed Al-Daradji
MURDERED BY MY FATHER (2015) BBC Producer: Toby Welch
Director: Bruce Goodison

Won Single Drama RTS Award 2017
MEDINAH (2015) Arabtelemedia 20 episode fantasy adventure TV series
Shooting in Jordan, Qatar and India
Directors: Ahmed Al Baker, Simon Hunter
WALTER (2014) ITV Studios for BBC1 Police Drama Pilot
Producer: Catherine Gosling-Fuller
Director: Damon Thomas
THE RIDER - Feature (2013/2014) Producers: Ned Dowd, Susie Brooks-Smith
DEATH IN PARADISE series 3 (2013) Red Planet Productions Producer: Tim Bradley
Directors: Various
LEAVE TO REMAIN - Feature (2012) Film Academy Films Production Designer
Producer: Kate Cook
Director: Bruce Goodison
WASTELAND - Feature (2012) Moli Films Production Designer
Producer: Mark Folignio
Director: Rowan Athale
TWENTY8K - Feature (2011) Formosa Films Production Designer
Producer: Martin Carr
Director: David Kew
8 MINUTES IDLE - Feature (2011) 8 Minutes Idle Production Designer
Producer: Sarah Cox
Director: Mark Hewis
DREAMS OF A LIFE - Drama Doc (2010) Film 4 Production Designer
Producer: Cairo Cannon
Director: Carol Morley
THE VETERAN - Feature (2010) DMK Production Designer
Producer: Kim Leggatt
Director: Matthew Hope
EDGE - Feature (2010) Cannon Morley Pictures Production Designer
Producer: Cairo Cannon
Director: Carol Morley
MAGIC BOYS - Television Film (2009) Wyvern Images Production Designer
Producer: Gabor Koltai
Director: Robert Koltai
DUBPLATE DRAMA (2009) Dubplate Productions Production Designer
TV mini-series for C4 & E4
Producer: Louis Figgis
Director: Luke Hyams
ALI AND THE LAMP (2008) Sound films Production Designer
Producer: Andy Gordon
Director: Michael Yanni
CHICKEN SOUP (2007) Racliffe Limited Production Designer
Producer: Harriet Perry
Director: Farah Abushwesha
LIPSTICK (2006) Lipstick Productions Production Designer
Producer: Harriet Perry
Director: Harriet Perry

Credits as Art Director:

MICRO MEN -Television Film (2009) Darlow Smithson Art Director
Producer: Andrea Cornell
Director: Saul Metzstein
ENDGAME - Feature (2008) Daybreak Pictures Art Director
Producer: Hal Vogels
Director: Pete Travis
A BOY CALLED DAD - Feature (2008) Northmen Productions Art Director
Producer: Mike Knowles
Director: Brian Percival
CONTROL - Feature (2007) NorthSea Productions Art Director
Producer: Orian Williams
Director: Anton Corbijn
ALMOST ADULT - Feature (2006) Parallax Pictures Art Director
Producer: Sally Hibbin
Director: Yousaf Ali Khan
HEROES AND VILLAINS - Feature (2006) One Vision Films Video Graphics Designer
Producer: Mark Pegg
Director: Selwyn Roberts
THE QUEEN’S SISTER - Television Film (2005) Touchpaper Television Art Director
Producer: Kath Maddox
Director: Simon Cellan Jones
A VERY SOCIAL SECRETARY - Television Film (2005) Mentorn Television Art Director
Producer: Hal Vogel
Director: John Jones
BIRTHDAY GIRLS - Feature Drama (1999) Miramax Films Art Department Assistant
Producer: Diana Philips
Director: Jez Butterworth
BIRTHS MARRIAGES AND DEATHS - Television Drama (1998) Tiger Aspect Art Department Assistant
Producer: Greg Brenman
Director: Adrian Shergold

Strongbow – filmed in Rome for Workclub and CapGun Productions. Directed by Ben Wolf
Pepsi (Sound films)
M & S (adjust your set)
2:1 Hons Degree in Architecture - Newcastle University
Current visiting lecturer at the University of The Arts, London. Production design for years 1-3 on the
Film BA