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INTERGALACTIC (2019/2020) Tiger Aspect Productions for Sky 1 Producer: Brian Kaczynski
Director: Kieron Hawkes
THE CAPTURE (2018/19) Heyday Television for BBC One Producer: Derek Ritchie
Director: Ben Chanan
GOOD OMENS (2017/18) Amazon Studios Producer: Phil Collinson
Director: Douglas Mackinnon
RELLIK (2017) New Pictures for BBC One Producer: Chris Clough
Directors: Sam Miller and Hans Herbots
LIAR (2017) Two Brothers Pictures Producer: Eliza Mellor
Director: James Strong
GRANTCHESTER, Christmas Special (2016) Lovely Day Productions for ITV Producer: Emma Kingsman Lloyd
Director: Ed Bennett
THE MISSING (2016) Company Pictures for BBC1 Producer: Julian Stevens
Director: Ben Chanan
COLD FEET (2016) Big Talk Productions Producer: Rebecca Ferguson
Director: Jamie Jay Johnson
ONE OF US (2016) BBC Episodes 2 & 4
Producer: Colin Wratten
Director: William McGregor
GRANTCHESTER Series 2 (2015) Lovely Day Productions for ITV Producer: Emma Kingsman Lloyd
Director: Tim Fywell
BEOWULF (2015) ITV Producer: Stephen Smallwood
Director: Julian Homes
THE MUSKETEERS (2014/2015) BBC ONE Producer: Colin Wratten

BAFTA winner for Best Drama
Red Productions for BBC Producer: Karen Lewis
Director: Tim Fywell
THE MUSKETEERS (2013/2014) BBC One Producer: Colin Wratten
Director: Andy Hay
THE GUILTY (2013) Hartswood Films for ITV Producer: Elaine Cameron
Director: Ed Bazelgette
WODEHOUSE IN EXILE (2013) Great Meadow - BBC4 90min One-off drama
Director: Tim Fywell
Producer: Kate Triggs
HUNTED (2012) Kudos Film & TV – HBO + BBC1 2 x 60min
Director: Alrick Riley
Producer: Eliza Mellor
LEWIS (2012) Mamouth Screen ITV 1 x 90min (Final Episode)
Director: Tim Fywell
Producer: Chris Burt
DEATH IN PARADISE (2011) Kudos Film & TV – BBC1 2 x 60min
Director: Alrick Riley
Producer: Tim Key
KIDNAP AND RANSOM (2011) Talkback Thames – ITV1 1 X 60min
Director: David Drury
Producer: Trevor Hopkins
HUSTLE (2011) Kudos Film & TV – BBC1 2 X 60min
Director: Alrick Riley, Adrian Lester
Producer: Jane Hudson
PRIMEVAL (2011) Impossible Pictures – ITV1 + Watch 3 X 45min
Director: Robert Quinn
Producer: Tim Bradley
LIP SERVICE (2009-2010) Kudos Film & TV - BBC3 2 X 60min
Director: Julian Holmes
Producer: Anna Ferguson
WINKING MAN ROCK (2010) B3 Media Short film, 16min
Director: Annetta Laufer
MARINA ON TOP (2010) Short film, 7min
Director: Uriel Emil
GIRL NUMBER 9 (2009) Magician Pictures – Online mini series 6 X 5min
Director: James Moran, Dan Turner
Director: Griff Rowland
Producer: Paul McKenzie
HOTEL BABYLON (2008 - 2009) Carnival Films - BBC1 2 x 60min
Director: Andy Hay
Producer: Polly Williams


SPOOKS (2008) Kudos Film & TV - BBC1, 2 x 60min
Director: Edward Hall
Editor: Jamie Pearson
LAW & ORDER UK (2008) Kudos Film & TV - ITV1 2 x 60min
Director: Omar Madha
Editor: Jamie Pearson


SPOOKS (2008) Kudos Film & TV - BBC1 4 x 60min
Director: Colm McCarthy, Ed Hall
Editor: Jamie Pearson
HOTEL BABYLON (2007-08)) Carnival Films - BBC1 8 x 60min
Director: Julian Simpson, Andy Hay, Sam Miller
Editors: Tim marchant, Andy Morrison, Phil Hookway
FRANKENSTEIN (2007) Impossible Pictures - ITV1 90min
Director: Jed Mercurio
Editors: Andrew McClelland
AGENT CRUSH – FEATURE FILM (2007) Director: Sean Robinson
Editors: David Freemantle
JEKYLL (2006-07) Hartswood Films - BBC1 6 x 60min
Director: Douglad Mackinnon, Matt Lipsey
Editors: Andrew McClelland, Fiona Colbeck
THE INNOCENCE PROJECT (2007) Tightrope North - BBC1 8 x 60min
Director: Bill Anderson, Morag McKinnon, Peter Hoar
Editors: Fiona Colbeck, David Barrett, Charles Alexander
HUSTLE (2006-07) Kudos Film & TV - BBC1 6 X 60min
Director: Otto Bathurst, Colm McCarthy, SJ Clarkson
Editors: Sarah Brewerton, Andrew McClelland
MARIAN AGAIN (2005) Company Pictures - ITV1 2 x 90min
Director: David Drury
Editor: Ian Farr
THE BRIEF (2005) Granada - ITV1 4 x 90min
Director: David Drury, Minkie Spiro, John Deery, Ian Knox
Editors: Ian Farr, Fiona Colbeck