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JEWELS (w/t)
(Assistant Costume Designer)
Shondaland/Netflix 18th Century Period Drama
Producer: Anna O'Malley
MONSTER HEART Dawn Chorus Films (UK) Victorian 1850s short drama
Director: Priyanga Burford
Producer: Kate Phibbs
PRIZEFIGHTER Camelot Films Biographical Feature
Director: Daniel GrahamProducers: Matt Hookings, Chris Hardman, Richard Holmes

MCDONALD & DODDS Mammoth Screen for ITV Contemporary Detective Drama
Director: Richard Senior
Producer: Amy Thurgood
THE CAPTURE Heyday Television for BBC 1 London Set Surveillance Thriller
Director: Ben Chanan
Producer: Derek Ritchie
CLOSE Jewson Film Productions Action Thriller
Director: Vicky Jewson
Producer: Rupert Whitaker
DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL BBC Fantasy Adventure Drama Special
Producer: Peter Bennett
DOCTOR WHO BBC Fantasy Adventure Drama
Producer: Nikki Wilson
THE MUSKETEERS Series 3 BBC Period Action Adventure Drama Series
Director: Andy Hay
Producer: Matthew Bird
Cast: Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera
TAKE DOWN Pinewood Pictures Contemporary Thriller
Director: Jim Gillespie
Producers: Sarah Ryan Black, Ed Elbert, Stefan Brunner
Cast: Ed Westwick, Dominic Sherwood, Phoebe Tonkin & Jeremy Sumpter.
STILL WATERS Carnaby Films (UK) Contemporary Crime Drama
Director: Ray Burdis
Producer: Mike Loveday
Cast: Margo Stilley, John Hannah, Jenn Murray and Karel Roden.
ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN Cipher Films (UK) Contemporary Thriller
Director: George Isaac
Producer: Pierre Mascolo
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Toby Stephens, Rufus Sewell, David Schofield, Terence Maynard, Leo Gregory & Elsa Pataky.
THE WEE MAN Carnaby Films (UK) 1970s-80s Drama
Director: Ray Burdis Producer: Mike Loveday
Cast: John Hannah, Rita Thompson,Stephen McCole, Martin Compston, Patrick Bergin, Denis Lawson

2013 BAFTA Scotland Audience Choice Award for Best Film
OUTSIDE BET Gateway Films (UK) 1970s-80s Drama
Director: Sacha Bennett
Producer: Terry Stone
Co-Producer: Jane Hooks
Cast: Bob Hoskins, Jenny Agutter, Rita Tashingham, Dudley Sutton, Callum Mcnab, Phil Davis.
A LONELY PLACE TO DIE Carnaby Films/ Eigerwand Media Drama/Action/Mythical
Director: Julian Gilbey
Producers: Mike Loveday
Cast: Melissa George, Ed Speelers, Karel Roden, Kate Magowan.
BONDED BY BLOOD Carnaby Films/ Eigerwand Media 1990's Drama
Director: Sacha Bennett
Producer: Terry Stone
Cast: Tamer Hassan, Kiersten Waring, Vincent Regan, Adam Deacon.
BOGO & FLIT Flying Ark Productions (B’ham, UK) Fantasy
Director: Mark Tanner
Producer: Mark Tanner
MAGIC BOYS Euro Co 2010/ Sirokh Fenn (Hungary) Contemporary Drama
Director: Robert Koltai
Cast: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Tamer Hassan, Jamelia.

RE-UNITING THE RUBINS Balagan Prod’s (UK, South Africa) Contemporary Drama
Assistant Costume Designer
Director: Yoav Factor
Costume Designer: Alan Flyng
Cast: Timothy Spall, Honor Blackman, James Callis, Rhone Mitra
DOGHOUSE Carnaby Intl/ SONY pictures ( UK) Contemporary Comedy/Horror
Director: Jake West
Producer: Mike Loveday
Cast: Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Billy Murray, Noel Clarke
CAUGHT IN THE ACT Carnaby Films (Cardiff, Wales) Contemporary Comedy
Director: Matt Lipsey
Producer: Mike Loveday
Cast: Freddie Jones, Ralph Brown, Maureen Lipman.
RISE OF THE FOOT SOLDIER Carnaby Films (London, UK) Contemporary Comedy
Director: Julian Gilbey
Producer: Mike Loveday
Cast: Frank Harper, Rikki Harnett, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray
DOLPHINS (AKA OCTANE) Carnaby Films (London, UK) Contemporary Drama
Director: Mark Jay
Producers: Christopher Figg, Trudy Sargent
Cast: Frank Harper, Karl Davies
GNAW Straightwire Films (London, UK) Contemporary Horror
Director: Greg Mandry
Producers: Rob Weston, Simon Sharp
WHERE LOVE REIGNS (PROMO) Straightwire/ Intense Prod’s (UK) Edwardian Drama
Director: David Ness
Exec. Producer: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Martin F. Katz, Rob Weston, Chee Keong Cheung, Tim Hampton


CINDERELLA Walt Disney Productions Costume Maker (Daily)
Fantasy costume
Costume Designer: Sandy Powell
Director: Kenneth Branagh
DRACULA:YEAR ZERO DY0 Productions (Northern Ireland) Costume Cutter
16th C/Stylized Costume Designer: Ngila Dickson
Director: Gary Shore
THOR:THE DARK WORLD Marvel Studios (UK) Costume Maker (Daily)
Fantasy costume
Costume Designer: Wendy Partridge
Director: Alan Taylor
THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 6 Original Film (UK) Costume Maker
Contemporary Costume Designer: Sanja Milkovic Hays
Director: Justin Lin
THE INVISIBLE WOMAN Headline Pictures (UK) Costume Maker
1850s mid-Victorian
Costume Designer: Michael O’Connor
Director: Ralph Fiennes

BAFTA Nomination: Best Costume Design
AUSTENLAND Fickle Fish Films (UK) Crowd Standby
Contemp/ regency re-enactment
Costume Designer: Annie Hardinge
Director: Jerusha Hess
DARK SHADOWS Shadow Dark Productions Costume Maker
18th C/ 1970s
Costume Designer: Colleen Atwood
Director: Tim Burton
TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER,SPY Working Title Costume Standby
(Reshoots - Daily)
1970s Drama
Costume Designer: Jacqueline Durran
Director: Tomas Alfredson
JACK THE GIANT KILLER Red Lion Films Costume Maker
Costume Designer: Joanna Johnston
Director: Bryan Singer
THE REEDS Funny Man Films Costume Supervisor
Contemporary Horror
Costume Designer: Jacqueline Mills
Director: Nick Cohen
ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN YEARS Working Title Films Costume Assistant/Maker
Costume Designer: Alexandra Byrne
Director: Shekhar Kapur
MUNICH Academy Costumes (London, UK) Costume Maker
1972 Action
Costume Designer: Joanna Johnston
Director: Stephen Spielberg
GHOST RIDER SONY/ Columbia / Vengeance Prod’s Costume Stand-by
Contemporary Action
Costume Designer: Lizzy Gardiner
Director: Mark Steven-Johnston


CYBER BULLY RAW TV / Channel 4 Drama-Doc
Director: Ben Chanan
Cast: Maisie Williams, Ella Purnell and Jake Davies.
OUR WORLD WAR BBC 1914-1918 WW1 Drama
(TV series)
Directors: Bruce Goodison, Ben Chanan
Producer: Susan Horth
ABC'S OF DEATH- C IS FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Magnet Releasing (US) Contemporary/ Horror
Director: Julian Gilbey
THE CALL UP Stigma Films (UK) Military/ Science Fiction
Director: Charles Barker
AIR Air the Film Ltd (UK) Director: Emma Maclennan

Cast: Antonia Thomas, Tom Riley, David Schofield, Daniel Brocklebank
BIG MAGGIE - LOTHARIO'S LUCK Reel Motion Films (UK) (2 Shorts)
1960s/ Edwardian Drama
Director: Lucy Newman-Williams
Producer: Tom Lancaster
AVENUE TO NOWHERE Lucid Film Prod’s (Paris/ London) 1960s France/ Drama
Director: Jacob Migicovsky
Producer: Graham Sylvester
SONY F65 INSPIRATION Televisual (Cumbria, UK) Contemporary/ 1920s/ 1960s
Director: Peter Farrer
Producers: Steve Milne, James Bennett
DUAL Simon Thomas et al. (UK) Contemporary Drama
Directors: The Brothers Lynch (David & Keith)
Producers: Simon Thomas & Ed Barrat
WAITING FOR A STRANGER Lucid Film Prod’s (Paris/ London) 1950 Drama
Director: Jacob Migicovsky
Producer: Graham Sylvester
FATHER'S DAY Hanover Films (London, UK) Short Film
Contemporary Drama
Director: Will Gilbey
Producer: Toby Richards

*LA Reel film - Best Narrative Short
DIARY OF A JIHADI Independent Image (London, UK) Contemporary Pakistan/ British Drama
Director: Justin Wickham
Producer: Stef Wickham
SWINGING WITH THE FINKELS ASD Lionheart (London, UK) Contemporary Drama
Director: Jonathan Newman
Producer: Gareth Evans
IMAGINING ITHAKA Nomadic Films (Athens, Greece) Contemporary Drama
Director: Nicholas Dimitropoulos
Producer: Sam Parsons
MARY BRYANT Screentime Pty Ltd (Sydney, Aust.) (Costume Maker)
1786 Drama
Costume Designer: Louise Wakefield
Director: Peter Andrikidis
THE PAPER WALL KG Shine Productions (Melb. Aust.) 1880 Drama/Thriller
Director: Kim Gelvin Melville

Status: Production Incomplete (costumes made)
WITH A STRING ON HIS FINGER Medallion Independent Inc. (Aust.) 1945 Australian Drama
Writer & Director: Brad Dorgan

Whether looking at minimalist contemporary clothing, period accurate costume or creating a new aesthetic specific to a unique project, Hayley always put the needs of the production first so that work created is right for the character, the story and above all, working effectively with overall creative concepts for the production in focus.
Specializing in a design process called ‘Hybrid design’, Hayley often uses the friction between contrasting aesthetics and themes to generate new ideas, fusing and blending references in unexpected ways to create new, streamlined designs specific to each production.