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Script Supervisor

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TV & Film

THE BLUE New Pictures Director: Hans Herbots
HISTORY OF A PLEASURE SEEKER ABC Signature/Hulu Director: Julie Anne Robinson
MASTERS OF THE AIR SDT Productions Director: Cary Fukunaga
THE HUNTERS PRAYER Clip LA Director: Jonathan Mostow
THE INNOCENTS New Pictures Director: Farren Blackburn/J Jamie Donoghue
LIFE Drama Republic Director: James Pollard
THE ABC MURDERS Mammoth Pictures Director: Alex Gabassi
MRS WILSON Snowed In/BBC Director: Richard Laxton
THE MOONSSTONE King Bert Productions Director: Lisa Mulcahy
NO OFFENCE Abbot Vision Director: Sarah O Gorman
COLD FEET Big Talk Director: Terry McDonough
JERICHO ITV Director: Paul Whittington
ALTAR Pygmalion Prouctions Director: Nick Willing
WALK LIKE A PANTHAR Finite Films Director: Dan Cadan
CRUSOE NBC USA Director: Duane Clark
BODIES Hat Trick Director: John Strickland
CROCODILE SHOES BBC Director: Baz Naylor
HAMISH MCBETH Zenith Films Director: Nick Renton
BUGS Carnival Films Director: Brian Farnham
HEARTS AND MINDS Witzend Director: Stephen Whittaker