Mark Mainz

Unit Stills Photography

Mark Mainz is an experienced photographer specialising in shooting Stills photography for television production and promotion – including unit, episodic and behind-the-scenes images of actors, crew and production. Experienced in capturing images in very low light, challenging light situations and challenging work environments; capturing great images of actors that best conveys the story. Excellent set etiquette, which includes complete stealth and invisibility whilst still getting great shots.

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BORDERLANDS Arad Productions Director: Eli Roth
Producers: Ari Arad, Avi Arad, Erik Feig
American Night Productions Ltd Directors: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah
Producer: Kristin Burr
ANANSI BOYS Spider Pictures for Amazon Directors: Azhur Saleem, Jermain Julien, Hanelle M. Culpepper
Producer: Paul Frift
GOOD OMENS 2 BBC for Amazon Director: Douglas Mackinnon
Producer: Loucas Georgas
SHETLAND 7 ITV Producer: Louise Say
SHETLAND 6 ITV Producer: Louise Say
THE RIG Wild Mercury for Amazon Director: John Strickland
Producer: Suzanne Reid
SCREW STV Productions for Channel 4 Directors: Tom Vaughan, Jordan Hogg
Producer: Brian Kaczynski
ALEX RIDER Eleventh Hour for Amazon Producer: Richard Burrell
THE PRINCESS SWITCH 3 Picture Properties Director: Mike Rohl
Producer: Brad Krevoy
A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS Fortress Productions Director: Mary Lambert
Co-Producer: Andrew Riach
THE PRINCESS SWITCH: SWITCHED AGAIN Picture Properties Director: Mike Rohl
Producer: Steven McGlothen
WHITE LINES Left Bank Pictures Director: Ashley Way
Producer: Chris Croucher
ELIZABETH IS MISSING STV Productions Director: Aisling Walsh
Producer: Chrissy Skinns
VIGIL World Productions for BBC Directors: James Strong, Isabelle Sieb
Producer: Angie Daniell
OUTLANDER 5 Left Bank Pictures Directors: Jamie Payne and Meera Menon
Producer: Guy Tannahill
BEHIND HER EYES Left Bank Pictures Director: Erik Richter Strand
Producer: Eliza Mellor
GUILT Expectation Entertainment for BBC Director: Robert McKillop
Producer: Jules Hussey
BELGRAVIA Carnival Films Director: John Alexander
Producer: Colin Wratten
DEADWATER FELL Kudos Director: Lynsey Miller
Producer: Jo Willett
OUR LADIES Sigma Films Production Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Producer: Laura Viederman
THE MIDNIGHT GANG Happy Bert Ltd Director: Elliot Hegarty
Producer: Charlie Leech
TRUST ME 2 Red Productions Director: John Alexander
Series Producer: Suzanne Reid
SHETLAND 5 ITV Producer: Eric Coulter
CLIQUE 2 BBC Directors: Robert McKillop and Andrew Cumming
Producer: Neil Duncan
THE CRY Synchronicity Films for BBC Director: Glendyn Ivin
Producer: Brian Kaczynski
THE VICTIM STV Productions Director: Niall MacCormick
Producer: Jenny Frayn
GRANDPA'S GREAT ESCAPE Kudos for Sky Director: Elliot Heggarty
Producer: Charlie Leech
OUTLAW KING Sigma Films Director: David Mackenzie
Producer: Gillian Berrie
SHETLAND 4 ITV Directors: Lee Haven-Jones and Rebecca Gatward
Producer: Eric Coulter
COUNTRY MUSIC Fable Features Picture Director: Tom Harper
Producer: Faye Ward
VICTORIA 2 Mammoth Screen Ltd Director: Daniel O'Hara
Producer: Paul Frift
THE CROWN 2 Left Bank Picture Director: Benjamin Caron
Producers: Martin Harrison and Andy Stebbing
Director: Bryn Higgins, Robert Del Maestro
TRUST ME Red Productions Director: John Alexander
Producer: Emily Feller
CLIQUE BBC/ Balloon Entertainment Director: Robert McKillop
Producer: Gabriel Silver
OUTLANDER Tall Ship Productions Producers: Matthew B. Roberts, David Brown
THE REPLACEMENT Left Bank Pictures Director: Joe Ahearne
Producer: Nicole Cauverien
MUNCIE World Productions Director: John Strickland
Producer: Gillian McNeill
RILLINGTON PLACE BBC Director: Craig Viveiros
Producer: Sharon Bloom
THE SECRET AGENT World Productions/BBC One Director: Charles McDougall
Producer: Priscilla Parish
ONE OF US Two Brothers Pictures/BBC Drama Director: William McGregor
Producer: Colin Wratten
EVE Series 2 Leopard Drama/BBC Director: Adrian McDowall, Lynsey Miller
Producer: Peter Gallagher
TWO DOORS DOWN BBC Scotland Director: Catherine Morshead
Producer: Justin Davies
STAG BBC Scotland/Comedy Unit Director/Producer: Jim Field Smith
SHETLAND Series 3 ITV Studios Director: Jan Matthys, Thaddeus
Producer: Eric Coulter
STONEMOUTH BBC Scotland/Slate North Director: Charles Martin
Producer: Alan J. Wands
EVE Leopard Drama/BBC Director: Jonathan Fox Bassett, Adrian Mead
Producer: Peter Gallagher
CASE HISTORIES Ruby Films/BBC Director: Keith Boak, Kenneth Glenaan
Producer: Eric Coulter
SHETLAND, Series 2 ITV Studios Director: Stewart Svaasand, John McKay
Producers: Sue de Beauvoir, Peter Gallagher