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Martin Trevis, AMPS, CAS

Production Sound Mixer


Laura Reeve
Lead Agent

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Stacy Browne
Associate Agent

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Yas Lewis
Associate Agent

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THE SALT PATH (2023) BBC Film Director:Marianne Elliott
Producers: Peter Hampden, Kristin Irving, Elizabeth Karlsen, Beatriz Levin, Lloyd Levin, Norman Merry, Thorsten Schumacher, Stephen Woolley
ANIMAL (2023) T Street Productions Director: Barnaby Roper
Producer: Leopold Hughs
GOOD GRIEF (2022) Sister Pictures Director: Dan Levy
Producers: Kate Fenske, Debra Hayward, Dan Levy, Megan Zehmer
NORTH STAR (2022) Cape Runaway Productions Director: Kristin Scott Thomas
Producers: Finola Dwyer, Steven Rales
ENDEAVOUR Series 8 (2021) Mammoth Screen for ITV Producer: Jim Levison
THE LAST BUS (2020) Wildseed Studios Directors: Lawrence Gough, Drew Carson & Nour Wazzi
Producer: Andy Mosse
ENDEAVOUR Series 7 (2019) Mammoth Screen for ITV Director: Shaun Evans
Producer: Jim Levison
ENDEAVOUR Series 6 (2018) Mammoth Screen for ITV Producer: Deanne Cunningham
SULPHUR AND WHITE (2018) EMU Films Director: Julian Jarrold
Producer: Mike Elliott
ENDEAVOUR Series 5 (2017) Mammoth Screen for ITV Director: Brady Hood
Producer: John Phillips
ENDEAVOUR Series 4 (2016) Mammoth Screen for ITV Director: Ashley Pearce
Producer: Helen Ziegler
THE SNOWMAN (2016) Working Title Films/Universal Pictures Director: Tomas Alfredson
Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Peter Gustafsson, Robyn Slovo
THEIR FINEST HOUR AND A HALF (2015) BBC Films, Number 9 Films & Wildgaze Films Director: Lone Scherfig
Producers: Amanda Posey, Stephen Woolley
ENDEAVOUR Series 3 (2015) Mammoth Screen for ITV Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Producer: Tom Mullens
CRIMINAL (2014) Millennium Films Director: Ariel Vroman
Producers: Trevor Short, Mark Gill, Chris Bender, Boaz Davidson, Avi Lerner
MARCO POLO (2014) The Weinstein Company Directors: Joachim Renning, Espen Sandberg Producers: John Fusco, Tom Prince, Richard Sharkey
PRIDE (2013) Calamity Films Director: Matthew Warchus
Producer: David Livingstone
MY MAD FAT DIARY (2013) Tiger Aspect Comedy Drama for E4 Director: Tim Kirkby & Ben Caron
Producer: Marianne Buckland
VAMPIRE ACADEMY: BLOOD SISTERS (2013) Angry Films Director: Mark Waters
Producer: Susan Montford, Don Murphy
A LONG WAY DOWN (2012) A Long Way Down Productions Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Producer: Finola Dwyer
DIANA (2012) Ecosse Films Director: Oliver Hirschbeigel
Producer: Douglas Rae, Robert Bernstein
TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE (2012) MJW Productions Director: Margaret Williams
Producer: Anne Beresford
SUMMER IN FEBRUARY (2012) Cross Day Productions Director: Chris Menaul
Producer: Pippa Cross
QUARTET (2011) Headline Pictures Director: Dustin Hoffman
Producers: Finola Dwyer & Stewart MacKinnon
WHITE HEAT (2011) ITV Director: John Alexander
Producer: Eleanor Day

*WINNER of Best Sound for RTS Craft & Design Awards, 2012
TRAP FOR CINDERELLA (2011) Little Bird Director: Iain Softley
Producer: Dixie Linder, Robert Jones
COMING UP (2011) Touchpaper Television Ltd Directors: Various
Producer: John Chapman
HYSTERIA (2010) Hysteria Films Limited Director: Tanya Wexler
Producer: Tracey Becker
SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (2010) Tiger Aspect Productions Directors: Alex Garcia, Wayne Wit and Sam Donovan
Producer: Jacquie Glanville
BRIGHTON ROCK (2009) Kudos & BBC Films Director: Rowan Joffe,
Producer: Paul Webster
COSI FAN TUTTE (2009) Scorpio Films Director: Chris Menaul
Producer: Stephen Evans
NOWHERE BOY (2009) Ecosse Films Director: Sam Taylor Wood
Producer: Robert Bernstein and Kevin Loader

*NOMINATED for Best Sound (Mixing & Editing) at Satellite Awards, 2010
PERRIER'S BOUNTY (2008) Parallel Films/Number 9 Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Producer: Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley
VIVALDI THE RED PRIEST (2008) Riviera Film Srl Director/ Producer: Liana Marabini
THE LAST STATION (2008) Egoli & Tossell/Zephyr Films Director: Michael Hoffman
Producer: Chris Curling
INTO THE STORM (2007) BBC HBO co-production Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Producer: Ann Wingate, Frank Doelger, Tracey Scoffield

*NOMINATED for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing in Television Movies and Mini-Series at C.A.S. Awards, 2010
BLOOD, THE LAST VAMPIRE (2007) EDKO film Director: Chris Nahon,
Producer: William Kong, Abel Nahmias
SADDAM'S TRIBE (2006) World productions Limited Director: Chris Menaul
Producer: Roberto Troni
TSUNAMI: THE AFTERMATH (2006) BBC HBO co-production Director: Bharat Nalluri
Producer: Finola Dwyer

*WINNER of Best Sound Fiction/Entertainment at BAFTA Awards, 2007
PENELOPE (2006) Zephyr Films Director: Mark Palansky
Producer: Dylan Russell, Jennifer Simpson & Chris Curling
THE LAST LEGION (2005) Last Legion Productions Director: Doug Lefler
Producer: Raffaella De-Laurentiis
KEEPING MUM (2005) Tusk Productions Director: Niall Johnson
Producer: Julia Palau & Matthew Payne
STONED (2004) Wild and Wycked Limited Director: Stephen Woolley
Producer: Finola Dwyer
DANIEL AND THE SUPERDOGS (2003) La F'te & Zephyr films Director: Andr' Melan'on
Producer: Rock Demers
THE WEDDING DATE (2003) Something Borrowed Ltd Director: Clare Kilner,
Producer: Michelle Chydzik
SONS AND LOVERS (2002) Company Prods (IOM) Ltd Director: Stephen Whittaker
Producer: Suzan Harrison
THE HEART OF ME (2001) Martin Pope Prods Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Producer: Martin Pope
THE WHISTLE BLOWER (2001) BBC Production Director: Ben Bolt
Producers: Jessica Pope & Hilary Benson
ANITA AND ME (2001) Anita Prods Ltd Director: Metin Huseyin
Producer: Paul Raphae
THE ROCKET POST (2001) Ultimate Pictures UK Ltd Director: Stephen Whittaker
Producer: Mark Sharrock
TABLOID (2001) Tabloid TV Ltd Director: David Blair
Producer: Mark Shorrock
THE MARTINS (2000) Tiger Aspect Pictures Director: Tony Grounds,
Producers: Greg Brenman & Dixie Linder
OLIVER TWIST (1999) Diplomat Films Director: Renny Rye
Producers: Keith Thompson & Alan Bleasdale
NEW YEARS DAY (1999) Imagine Films Director: Suri Krishnamma
Producers: Stephen Cleary & Charles Steel
THE LOST LOVER (1998) Lover Films Director: Roberto Faenza
Producers: Elda Ferri & Charles Steel
WITH OR WITHOUT YOU (1998) Revolution Films Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Andrew Eaton
THE LOST SON (1998) Scala Films Director: Chris Menges,
Producer: Finola Dwyer
IF ONLY (1997) Handmade Films Director: Maria Ripoll
Producer: Juan Gordon
I WANT YOU (1997) Revolution Films Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Andrew Eaton
RESURRECTION MAN (1997) Revolution Films Director: Marc Evans
Producer: Andrew Eaton
MELISSA (1996) Diplomat Films Director: Bill Anderson
Producers: Keith Thompson & Alan Bleasdale
WELCOME TO SARAJEVO (1996) Dragon Pictures Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Graham Broadbent
JUDE (1995) Revolution Films Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Andrew Eaton
GO NOW (1995) Revolution Films Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Andrew Eaton
THE DYING OF THE LIGHT (1994) Yorkshire TV Director: Peter Kosminsky
Producer: Paul Cowan


Over 30 credits as Boom Operator, credits include Full Metal Jacket, Chaplin, Havana, License to Kill, Superman 4, White Hunter Black Heart, Man for All Seasons, Insignificance, Return to Oz, Santa Claus the Movie, The Shooting Party, Traffik (Channel 4 production)


Recording on latest hard drive technology ZAXCOM DEVA multi-track.