Hannah Leigh-Prior


Like most writers, Hannah’s work began in the theatre both acting and writing for stage, honing her craft in sketches and new writing. This includes a sold out performance of her dark comedy Klepto at The Southwark Playhouse. Reviewer Olivia Coxhead wrote a 5 star review commenting ‘Honestly this piece was so funny, I just stopped writing things down and sat back to marvel at its genius’. Though comedic in tone, Hannah’s style always straddled the line between funny and disturbing, giving all her work a darkly comedic edge.

Eventually moving into film, Hannah started with various short films tackling loneliness at a rave in drama Kissing All the Fish, directed by Thembisa Cochrane and Hannah’s first directorial debut Fayde, featuring Yasmine Akram in the lead role as an actress fired from her job as a kids tv Superhero. Fayde premiered at Underwire Film Festival 2019 and was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Actress.

Hannah’s work for TV currently in development, includes comedy/drama Spades, about a secret Female Fight club retreat and Ruthless, a horror-esque thriller about a woman’s discovery her biological Father is a crime novelist and a bit ‘method’. She is working on a new thriller series, taking Shakespeare’s most persecuted women and reimagining them a contemporary gruesome revenge story, in The Revenge Anthology.

Hannah has made a natural progression towards the Horror genre- being a horror junkie herself and her first feature film Her Skin, is an adaptation of Julia Armfield’s short coming-of-age horror story ‘Mantis’ with Tea Shop Productions and Writ Large. She is also working with Video House on YA horror, New Boyfriend which is an adaptation of Kelly Link’s creepy short story. Hannah has just completed her second feature film, ghost story Dispirited, an original piece based on the folk legend of The Hand of Glory.

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